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These girls can't get any better than they are now!!

My friends are..different.
 i love my JVS friends so much. we have such good times messing around. I wish our class could stay the same..(few missing tho) i really dont want anyone else. thanks for keeping the days fun..Ashley Tricia Krista and Fatty.
I love my covington friends so much. we have been close for years now. thanks for being there when i need you the most. Ashlie Erika Jamie H. Tiffany Jamie G. Liz.
 Thanks Corey for being there for me and walking around with me at school. I am glad u let me be the one to give you hot hair!! haha You better keep coming back to me when you need it done!

I Love You All So Much!!


My best friend Ashlie and i think shes got a Mullet goin on!

What a good pic i got!!

This isn't my friend ashile but it is a retard..and i think there is a mullet on her or him..i love this pic. it is really great!!

Funny Things Done

~~Got Pissed About Perms!
~~State Board
~~Jessica & Jessica's fight in harsbargers class!!
~~All The Subs
~~Lie About Shop Duties
~~Do the Shittiest job at everything to show how pissed we are!!
~~We have fun just joking around.
~~Ashleys butt crack pictures.
~~Stace. dont want to remember but..lol..when he told us about his sex life..u have to think that was so funny.Its weird to think that i still remember that but nothing that he teached us.

~~Running from that guy!
~~Erika hitting head on top of car
~~In the morning at school we would talk and laugh real loud to see who would look/stare at us!
~~Heather and Crystals birthday party at the troy bowling place.