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advice from a good friend

thanks shawn!

This is what my good friend shawn said to me in a letter he wrote.
     What ever you and your friend do please dont let any guy ruin you girl's friendship, i'm not saying you can't have boyfriends, i'm just sayiung dont let a guy break your friendship up...b/c guys come a dime a dozen and you can find a guy anywhere but a true friend or a good friend will be your friend for life no matter what, but your friendship should always be stronger than the relationship with the guy b/c that friend will be there for you 30, 40, 50 years down the road if they are a true friend, but that guy prolly won't be.  So please dont let a guy ruin your friendship. and keep this in the back of your head forever.....a good friend or a true friend is for life, but most guys aren't.

My friend Shawn is in his late 20's he is in prison for being the get away driver when his "friends" robbed the pizza place. I don’t think he really wanted to do it or did it. but I don’t know and I wont ask! We write to each other all the time I think I might get a letter every week or ever other week depends if he gets into trouble or don’t have enough money to buy things. He is top dog there making the money he gets .42 cents an hour and I forget what he does but it would suck to be him! He gets out earliest in October 2005. I want to thank him for all the advice he gave me!

Listen to what others say..some are smarter than you think!