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My full name is Lesley Marie Detrick. I am 17 years old and will be 18 on August 31...on that date pass my house I am going to have the best present ever and I want you all to see! I live in Covington..Like u aint knowing that already. I go to the JVS for cosmetology and work at JcPenny Salon. I dont plan to work there when I get older but there is a chance I will work there for a bit till I get a better job. I have the best friends in the world..Nobody can be better then them! I have eight piercing I have three on the bottom of each ear and then my right cartilage done and my right side of my nose. I bite my nails and pick my nose.i have sharted once. I am single and might be for a while. Its very sad to say but prolly true! I drive a 93 red z24 cavalier. It sometimes will work right..Only acts weird when I hit 70. haha. I listen to almost any music. I like to listen to slower music more than "head banging" music. I am more of a quite person but then i have a weird side when i am with my friends i just have fun and be the real me. I try not to act like someone i am not but when i get around people i like i just act like a shy lil girl.


MSN~ I_BE_LD@hotmail.com