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Im not too old to worry

And Im not too young to die

And Im not in any hurry

And Im not too strong to cry

Too many things to wish for

And too many things to crave

And too many reasons to go to war

And not enough to save

The only life I get is this one

I just want to have my lifes dance

To aim my arrows at the sun

And to know that I had a chance.
~Missing You~
I can still,
See your face,
The lips,
I once tasted,
The eyes,
I once stared into,
The nose,
I once felt on my cheek,
When you kissed me,
I can still,
Feel you here,
Your arms around me,
Ever so gently,
Your fingers,
Teasing my neck,
And when i close my eyes,
I still feel,
Like you never said goodbye.
I'm so angry
Just let me die
Get me off
This emotional high.
I'm so mad
Want to kill
Adrenaline rush
It'd be a thrill.
Short and sweet
Do it fast
Or nice and slow
Make it last.
Take this rope
Make a noose
Tie it tight
don't make it loose.
Hang me up
And take the chair
Then turn and leave
Don't stop and stare.
On second thought
That'd be no fun
Forget the  rope
Grab a gun.
Take an aim
Don't start to doubt
One good shot
Make it count.
If that's too much
Take this knife
Slit my throat
Take my life.
Tears of rage
Gritting teeth
I hate myself
With disbelief.
~She Dies~
Shattered Glass,
Fallen tears,
Lonely Girl
Full of Fears.
Heartfelt letter,
Empty soul,
Lonely girl
No longer whole.
Falling star,
Crystal beads,
The kinfe is all
She'll ever need.
Soft whispers,
Muffled cries,
Deep inside,
She slowly dies.