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Things that can't be changed...

Family..Just can't change that. I know some days you wish that you could!
Heart..You can't change how your heart feels.. you will aways love someone even if they dont like you back.
Feelings..Hard to explain but u can't change them. Its kinda like heart but different in a way.
Tongue..What are you going to do.. pull it out and put in a new one? haha
Life..some people change theres but i haven't yet.
Prices..you can't change them but other people sure the hell like to.

The morals in life, are not as they seem
their more important then most people deem
Yet, their value is strong
they teach the true meaning of right and wrong

understand is not to comprehend
but to look beyond the surface
to see the true and deeper meanings

love is not to touch
but to have a faith of endurance
not a faith of spirituality, but a faith communication
which can never be broken

To be at
is not to throw down weapons
but to be able to look at yourself
and truely be happy, to know things will be alright

Life is not an object
something you can break or wreck
Life is freedom
express your thoughts, use your senses

Truth is often mistakened
for properties of hiding
hiding behind a cloak, black and shadowed
truth is the basis of knowing reassurence

A moral often shattered
is that of
if someone puts their trust in you
guard it with your life
chase the lies away
and keep your promise always
when you're caught lying
why bother to hide the truth?
If the truth is known
things could be worse
always be honest, always be true

Soul-Search is not an easy task
to find one's soul is to tremble
a way to find out who you are
your soul is what makes you laugh and cry
the reason your alive
The reality, the real you

Death is the moral
in which we cry out in vain
death should not be feared
for in the end, you'll find happiness
and peace will fill your spirit

Emotions are not really morals
but rather a lesson in sekf-tolernece
we let them mix
and in the end, lives are crushed
Learn from your mistakes
and live in peace

The final moral, is that of
put aside your differences
open up to new people
For they are the ones, that make the world go 'round
Respect each other and be loyal

I can't change the way people think nor feel
If some people will ever change, I don't know
Consider these morals, and try to value them