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This is just what people say to me or just say and i think is funny!

*Lesley says: i think i broke my finger..it hurts real bad!

Tric: Well im no doctor but if u put your hand palm down and ur still pointing at yourself then something is defiantly wrong!


*tric says: you can't consider your ass a person, lesley. (i'm whispering- you don't have one)

Lesley says: lol u r so damn funny!


*Ish says: Yeah dude and Mullets!

Lesley says: Yeah Dude And Mullets!!!


*Fatty: This Class Makes Me Want To Do Drugs

Me & Ashley: hahahahaha

Ashley: haha..she said this class makes me want to do drugs..hahahaha


*Lesley: tricia why are u wearing black pants? your goin to get into trouble!

Tricia: no dude we are aloud!!

Lesley: no your only aloud to wear black,blue or kakhi..

Tricia & Krista: hahaha

Lesley: Fuck Off i hate u both

Krista: tell she is really a blonde



*Brittney:OMG i have a story to tell you!!

Krista & ME: shoot me in the face!


*Ashley: OMG CSS tomorrow!!

Tricia: (5 min later) OMG guys ccs tomorrow..

Lesley:..hahah..what is ccs...ccccccs

Tricia:haha..i ment css..Chicken Salad Sandwich!

Lesley: Dumbass!


*Tricia: SAS!!

Lesley: what is that mean?

Tricia: Students Against Stace!

Lesley:lol..love it!


*Krista:Y do we go to the JVS?

Lesley:B/c we are special.

Krista: remember when we made fun of people that went there?

Lesley: yeah and now we go!


*Tric says: well if that was you, and you got plastic surgery to look the way you do, i think the doctors could of done a better job. (about the pic of the retard on the other page..told her it was me in the 9th grade)

*Krista:holy shit..look at Miss.B...haha

Lesley:o my god! tricia

Tricia: hahahahaha..

Krista: tricia tell ashley

Ashley:ooooooo hahahahahaha...Jessica..


Krista: her whole thong is hangin out..haha..and its black! she is 30 somethin years old..nasty!

*Stace:krista what a x=?

Krista: 4

Stace: no..stop talkin to tricia and watch..now what does x=? (pointing to x=65 on the board)

Krista: I dont know dont ask me!

Stace:stewart what does x=?

Stewy:65..its on the board


Tricia: Mole

Ashley:haha i got a mole on my boob! hahaha...Moley moley mole

*Boyfriend:I Love You

You:I Love You 2

(then u break up..how funny is that)


i like making out with random people.~krista

lesley likes to pick brownie out of her crouch and eat it~tricia

lesley & i are the rejects that sit in the restroom of JVS wrapped up in toilet paper, crying in the last stall because the black-kid wannabe's creep us out.~krista

FRIEND. play with your ass. it will brighten your day. worked wonders for me. ~tricia

~~Hey LD! he like the things you do. Hey LD! if he could, stace would DO you. hes the one and only for lesley, with the one and only cowboy boots. he knows how to ask one question a million times..........GReat! ~tricia

no one poops in lowes quite as loudly as you. . .hehe~erika

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