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 We have been friends since the 3rd grade. that would mean 10 more school years to go! I can't remember one real fight that we have had where we wasn't friends for more than 5 min. Its great when we are going places..just the things we do to entertain others just to see them smile or look. I dont know what i would do without you. Thanks for always being there for me!! I Love Ya


  There is a million and one words that can describe you. I am just really happy that we have became good friends now. I love the way you are and how u chase people down. sorry about my high speed chase when you was with me.. that had to hurt! Love ya bunches!

  You are the cutest person i have ever seen. Thanks for talking to me at the JVS or it woud have been one big shit hole of a school year and i prolly wouldnt be there. Thanks for the Hot hair. i love it but i need a trim. we have had the best time ever love ya!

Thanks to everyone else i love u all so much. You make me Laugh and cry but i have had one of the best years of my life.

keep on keepin on