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Watched Cats..and the fish,chicken and muffins all tasted the same!!

These are storys we made up while wating to get the food that we wanted so bad then after we got it wished we wouldn't have!!
~~One day i whispered to myself "i think theres something crawling in my pants" but it was just jeremys finger, then i pushed him. What? you humped him? while he was sleeping?! that is so wrong!...PERV! Lesley opened her coat and two albino monkeys jumped on me..was a huge cum stain! Oh No! i leifted the elephant off me and screamed damn you
~~i wonder if any of the guy ballet people are gay...like your mom riight...said krista, who is now kissing grils, and she likes it! after the day was over the cow died so we ate him. I've really got to pee and ashleys long arm pitt hairs stink.
~~Our waiter has really hot hair and should be an abercrombie and fitch model. yep adorable. we like his hair...teehehe...i'm glad our waiter has long hair neato man! lala i sang loud for my deaf neighbor to hear b/c we run around naked and we think she likes it. ashley says i like old mans cock but really her dad does! so she can shove it up her ass. and out the other end! 
~i  accidently dotted a dot of ink from my ink pen, Hey pig pen! it smells it reeks of everything evil: blue eye shadow, gun under the table, snot in your hair and dirty, dirty hoes. i'm goin to puke on..tricias shirt it was the rolls but the 1st one but  the 10th...11th and 12th. why is the man with the trumpet running oh yeah maybe he doesn't like miggets.
So yeah hope u like if not..fuck it i dont care..we had fun we did like 20 or more of these things just waiting for our food that we wanted so bad till we got it!

these are fun to do! if u wanna know how e-mail me!